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LOVE At First Sight.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Do you have a favorite item in your room that’s the perfect shade of the perfect color in your room?

When it’s love, you know it! Let that color be your inspiration and help you choose the rest of the accessories for your room.

Color choice can be inspired by something you own or something new. If you’ve ever watched interior design shows, you may have heard them mention an “inspiration piece” that helps decide the other color choices and accessories that will complete the room.

In this photo, this particular shade of blue was inspired by a piece of existing wall art. That shade of blue shaped the purchasing decisions for accessories such as the blue throw pillows.

When planning to restyle or redecorate a room, look for ideas in colors by looking through catalogs for inspiration. This can keep you focused on the items you have vs the items you need when going shopping.

Other considerations I factor in when working with clients is to consider whether I’m staging a home for photos and potential buyers vs a family actually living in the home.

Many people have favorite pieces already in their home that can serve as inspiration, or perhaps they’re ready for a new inspiration color, accessory, or style. Trust your instincts to guide you with some basic design principles. If you feel completely lost or overwhelmed with options, I’d be happy to schedule a consultation to help you.

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