Preparing your home one Stage at a time.

LOVE decor is in honor of Marva, my mother.

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved style and fashion. I believe this all started with my mother’s sense of style. She cared about every aspect of design, from the colors she chose to how the entire ensemble came together.

A few years ago, I remodeled and redesigned my own home. This was a truly rewarding experience. Envisioning a design concept for each space meant creating the color scheme, selecting hardware, furniture, and accessories, and incorporating pieces I already owned. The end result was a cohesive and inviting space.

Seeing everything come together in such a satisfactory way has given me a passion to help others achieve this same goal: to help transform spaces to be functional and pleasing to inhabit.

This can be achieved through home staging as well as redesigning a space for new or current homeowners. Whatever the situation, my training in interior design, along with my background in retail merchandising and visual presentation, can be an asset in creating your new design.

lovedecor_final copy.png

When my mom gave us our middle names she had no idea that the first letter in each of our middle names, along with the first letter in her middle name spelled LOVE. I thought it was very fitting with my love for style and design, to honor my mom by naming my new business LOVE Decor.


Highlighting and complimenting the scale of the home with proper furniture arrangement, accessories and or paint color for occupied or unoccupied homes.


Creating color harmony that is aesthetically appealing and pleasing to the eye whether selecting a paint color or finishes for a space.


Active involvement and ongoing training through regular networking events to enhance staging skills while learning the latest trends.


In-depth research and education that formulated a foundational understanding of design concepts.