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Why Stage?



You and your client have a common goal – sell their home at the best possible price in a short period of time. You’ve done all the legwork meeting with your client, showing them comparable homes for sale or recently sold in the area, and made recommendations to them. 

If it’s an occupied home, it probably needs decluttering. cleaning, and updating. If it’s a vacant property, buyers may have a difficult time imagining how furniture fits in a space or how an odd space can be favorable to their lifestyle. 


Use clean fresh white towels for bathrooms


LED light bulbs can make a world of difference in a dark  space.


Layer outdoor rug with printed rug for a fun contrast.


Swap outdated lamp shades for more current color and style.



By the time you’re ready to list the home, you’ve developed a relationship with the seller who may not have listened to all your professional advice. It’s their home, they have an emotional attachment to how it looks and the things in it, and they’ve put their trust in you to sell it and make a nice profit. 

This is where we can become partners so you and the seller get what you both want – a qualified sale. As a professional home stager, I can validate the points you’ve made about updating their home and removing some of their furniture. I will show them how simple changes will bring more buyers willing to pay more money for a home that stands out from the others on the market. 


Call or email today to discuss how LOVE decor can be your partner in selling more homes faster and for more money with our staging services. 

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