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My Favorite Grey Paint Color

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Unless you have a background in color, I recommend hiring an expert for picking the perfect paint color for your next painting project.

Color is the easiest and least expensive way to change the look and feel of a room, but it’s also very tricky. Paint colors have a variety of undertones that can cause costly mistakes if you choose the wrong color.

What are some other considerations to take into account when choosing the perfect paint color? Lighting, accessories, windows, furniture, countertops, and hardware are all factors, as are paint finishes such as eggshell vs. semi-gloss. Additionally, the color choices should flow from one room to the next if you’re choosing different colors throughout the home.

The perfect paint color can make all the difference in your room. It changes the mood and the look faster and cheaper than almost anything else you can do (except for simply rearranging furniture – another great and inexpensive option!).

If your home is ready for a color facelift, follow these tips or schedule a consultation with me to narrow your choices and options to the best one for you.

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