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Choosing The Right Accessory

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Finding the right accessories for your home can be a bit of a challenge.

Have you gone shopping only to discover you like everything out there? It can be hard to figure out which items to purchase and which to admire at the store before deciding to leave them behind.

Here are some of my tips to help you choose the right accessory for your home.

· First, determine what your style is, and shop appropriately. This can be a tricky if you find you like things from different styles and aren’t sure how to properly mix styles. County and beach? Modern and classic? When tempted to blend decorating styles, try to narrow down a single common denominator in the accessories you like most. You may need to consider hiring a professional to shop with or for you if this is a challenge for you.

· Next, don't forget your color story! Colors that flow, make sense together, and create an entire look and feel should be part of the story you’re creating with your room accessories. For example, the color story could be French Country or Art Deco, so keep those colors in mind when choosing your accessories. Some colors are synonymous with a certain look, while others may work with the design even if they’re a little outside the norm.

If these tips still leave you struggling to make the right purchases, I’d love to help you by scheduling a consultation. If you find you’re buying things you love but they don’t look right when you get them home, I can try to adjust your style to make the item work.

Or, I can go shopping for you to find the perfect pieces to restyle or stage your room. I love everything about shopping - the displays, new product arrivals, and even the hunt.

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