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How Do You Decorate Your Family On A Dime?

Decorating your family room on a budget can seem challenging at first but not impossible to accomplish. With a few simple tricks, you can save yourself some money and frustration. So, where do you start? How can you recycle your current furniture and possible color theme to get that cozy space to launch and spend quality time with your loved ones?

You may think you need to purchase new furniture or sell your home for something larger. What if the answer was something simple!

When chatting with local Tampa Bay expert and Interior Designer; Melissa Adair, owner of Southern Sass Interiors & More, she states that more and more homes are being designed with an open concept style--with the family room flowing right off of the kitchen.

One of the first things I look for in a family room outside of the color is balance and seating arrangement. Is your furniture comfortable? Is the current arrangement of your furniture allow for flow and movement from space to space? Does your room have a focal point? Being purposeful with your furniture arrangement and the placement of accessories creates that desirable space for the entire family to enjoy.

Some sectionals are large and bulky and can monopolize the entire space. Simply removing a piece from your sectional creates an immediate openness to your space. Once you remove a piece of your sectional from the space, your room will instantly look lighter. Doing this will open your space up for smaller seating options like some colorful poufs or accent chairs. This is actually a great way to introduce other colors!

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